4 questions to three readings: briefly respond to each of these

Four questions to three readings: read and then briefly respond to each of these questions in three or four sentences.

Below are the questions and the reading that will be associated to that question.

Empires in World History, Chapter 1 “Imperial Trajectories” 

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Bodies in Contact, (Introduction only) 

Empires in World History, Chapter 5 “Beyond the Mediterranean

  1. [Empires in World History, Introduction “Imperial Trajectories”] In your own words, how do Burbank and Cooper characterize and justify using empires as a way to view world history?
  2. [Bodies in Contact, “Introduction: Bodies, Empires, and World Histories”] In your own words, why do the authors (Ballantyne and Burton) feel that by focusing on bodies (specifically colonial encounters with female bodies) we can provide more depth to our understanding of world history?
  3. [Bodies in Contact, “Introduction: Bodies, Empires, and World Histories”] In your view, what are some of the benefits of viewing world history through the lens of empires? Bodies? What are some of the limitations?
  4. [Empires in World History, “Beyond the Mediterranean”] Briefly compare and contrast the Spanish and Ottoman Empires as discussed in this chapter.  In what ways were they similar?  How were they different? 
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