5 to 6 paper | Accounting homework help

Every student is expected to write a mid-term and final paper. At this time, I am not going to require that you write the paper in APA formatting. Please see revised mid-term mandatory requirements below:

1. Paper must be 5 to 6 pages (reference/cover pages are not included in total number of pages)

2. Cover and Reference page 

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3. Must include 3 references (class textbook can be used as 1 reference)

4. Times Roman 12 inch font

5. Double space

Choose three of the five topics below to complete writing your mid-term. The topics of discussion are from your assigned reading and homework assignments:

1. Regarding Discovering Yourself, to more consistently get the results that you desire, carefully define your values and goals. What will you do to ensure the outcomes and experiences you want to obtain?

2. Since ideas are tools, instead of looking for what’s wrong with a new idea (i.e. tool), explain the concept of tools and give two examples of how you can find something potentially valuable from a new idea.

3. What does it mean to Master Time? Explain three ways that you had to demonstrate mastering time. What were the outcomes of each?

4. What does it mean to Develop Character? How does character help to promote success in the areas of ethical behavior and professional work ethic? Describe how Intention, Discovery and Action turn into positive habits?

5. What does it mean to “Embrace the New”? Regarding moving forward in a positive direction, what will you do to think what you’ve never thought before, say what you’ve never said before, or do what you’ve never done before?

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