50-100 word time traveler discussion response

 Good day everyone,

With the new discovery of Quantum technology, I have recently traveled back in time into the beginning of the Zhou Dynasty and watched as the Battle of Muye took place.

The Battle of Muye brought an end to the Shang Dynasty and its ruler, Di Xin but the start of the Zhou Dynasty. Di Xin was once a loyal and honorable ruler, respected by his people. However, the spoils of his kingdom, high taxes among the people, and his selfish ways slowly led his own people to revolt against him. During the reign of King Wen Ji Chang, the state became stronger and “the world was divided into three parts, two of which belonged to Zhou”, laying the foundation for the destruction of the Shang Dynasty. After Ji Chang’s death, his son Ji Fa succeeded to the throne and was called King Wu of Zhou.(HistoryTopic, 2022).  

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On the day of the Battle of Muye, as I watched from the nearby hillside, the sun slowly peeked over the hillside and the dense fog fading from the hills. The air felt thick and heavy as the soldier’s armor. To the west, stood an army of approximately 50,000 Zhou rebel soldiers led by the son of the late Chief Wen, Wu of Zhou. You can hear the clanking of armor and horses neighing in preparation of the time ahead. To the east, an army stretched beyond the eyes can see was Di Xin’s Imperial army of 700,000. A force that felt would be swift and dominant. Di Xin’s arrogance wanted to swiftly end the rebellion and armed 170,000 slaves to further his rule however, it had the opposite effect and fueled the rebel forces with additional troops. Although tremendously outnumbered, the Zhou rebel army appeared energized and anxious to right the wrongs of their once ruler. 

As the battle took place, some of the Imperial army forces laid down their arms and some even joined the opposing rebel forces to uproot the destructive Di Xin. The battle was intense as the 300 rebel war chariots raced across the battle field mowing down Imperial soldiers. Rebel soldiers holding their lines and pushing forward as Imperial troops retreated back to the east. The battle raged on and the rebel troops were inspired, highly trained, and were able to eliminate the Imperial forces driving Di Xin back to his stronghold. He would collect his prize possessions and set himself ablaze in defeat.

 The Zhou dynasty, ruled ancient China for some eight centuries, establishing the distinctive political and cultural characteristics that were to be identified with China for the next two millennia (Britannica, 2002).


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