Accounting Writing

Accounting Writing.

AFA S2 2019 Homework 1 Question: Local Government Reporting Requirements: 1. The assignment is to be submitted online via Turnitin on the Blackboard by 12 noon 7 August (Wednesday Week 4) and a hardcopy is to be handed in at the assignment dropbox (Level 1 of WF building) by the same time. 2. For the hardcopy remember to include the filled in cover sheet also found on blackboard. 3. Students must use their own words to answer the question. In other words, copying directly from any resource without acknowledgement is strictly prohibited. 4. All answers must use proper English and grammar, and be within the total word count. The word count must be displayed. 5. Students should answer the question in a newspaper/blog post style. This means quotes, graphs, info-graphs or photos are acceptable to include. 6. The assignment must be word-processed using Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced. 7. Late submissions may attract a penalty. You have been hired by the Westport News as a reporter. Using the 2018 summary annual report of the Buller District Council write a newspaper column for local residents assessing: a) The performance of Buller District Council (max 350 words) b) Whether the Summary Annual Report provides enough useful information to assess the performance of the Buller District council (max 350 words)

Accounting Writing

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