Dear Mr. Wei,

I am writing to brief you of the current progress of the project and to also inform you of a regrettable and unprecedented delay in the Deep Learning Model Project. Accordingly, we have adjusted the timeline to fit the new scenario.

The project is facing some difficulties at the moment. The trained YOLO deep learning classification model works with 95% accuracy on the most common fish that were first tested but has only 37% accuracy on rare fish, camouflaged fish, and three species of fish with similar colouring. As a result, detection and classification of these groups is not consistent. Due to the need to provide accurate results, we have had to apply a combination of techniques including generating augmented data for the rare fish specifies and to modify the deep learning model for the camouflaged fish. We are also preparing to label more training examples for the three similar species of fish. As you are well aware, each of the aforementioned techniques has been used before to solve other problems but we will need to adapt them for our data.

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Therefore, the current problem is on providing consistent results for the project to be used for purposes of our project. The scope of the project has expanded due to the unforeseen need to conduct more research and to apply more techniques to cover the base of the project. Consequently, the time needed to complete this phase of the project has had to be adjusted. We are not in a position to provide a working deadline or timeframe for the remaining parts of the project, but we will furnish you with this information in the course of the week.

We are very confident that we will solve the delay and come up with solutions toward a reliable technique that can be used during the course of the project. All our attention is focused on the completion of this project, including the provision of accurate data and information for purposes of our cooperation.

Our team expresses much appreciation for your understanding and flexibility as we endeavor to tackle this unforeseen issue. We know that you understand the need for us to provide accurate information in every step of the way.

Thank you. Please feel free to contact me in case you have any questions regarding the time extension, the pending schedule, or the expansion of the scope of the project.


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