Advance telecom networks assignment | Telecommunications Engineering homework help

1. Formatting requirements

a.) Describe everything, including algorithms, program, sources, results and  figures neatly and clearly in a study. Include everything in a single pdf document that can be read as a report, and can also be printed, if needed for reporting purposes.

b.) Do not submit executable code, but do include the source code as an Appendix in the document. Important: do not use screenshot or other graphical format to present code, it should be in text format. (otherwise it may disturb the plagiarism checker software). 

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c.) Your report should have a professional appearance, which is naturally expected at the graduate level. For example, scanned handwriting and hand-drawn  figures are not acceptable! Note: even if content-wise the project has no errors, points can be lost for non-professional appearance. 

Example report is uploaded as a file.
Assignment questions are also uploaded as a file

Plagiarism report required along with assignment.

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