Alaska Native Civil Rights in regards to education

Alaska Native Civil Rights in regards to education
Research Paper on Alaska Native Civil Rights, mainly in the regards to the
boarding school system used in Alaska to convert Alaskan natives to Christianity, and civilize
them. I plan to start with a brief overview of the history of the Alaskan Natives covering topics
such as the Jim Crow law’s and the Anti Discrimination Act. I feel it is important to cover that
also because it was the first Anti Discrimination law in the United States.
A major part of the boarding school problems was when the predominately white
communities were getting state funded high schools. Communities that were larger, but native
populations were required to send there children off to boarding schools. Hootch vs. Alaska
State-Operated School System, fixed that. I will also cover some of the ways many schools in
Alaskan Communities are trying to bring back cultural education back into the classroom.

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