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Overview: Research the material regarding the history and regulation of alcohol advertising. Also read and click on the article link below, Diageo; Study Finds Self-Regulation of Alcohol Advertising Is Working, and watch this link to the Milton Freidman interview: Milton Friedman-Regulation in a Free Society.


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In your paper, answer the following questions:

  • A) Were the alcoholic beverages Spyke and Wide-Eye bad products? Justify your answer.
  • B) Do you  think these products were marketed in objectionable or misleading ways? Explain your answer.
  • C) If you were in charge of marketing Spyke and Wide-Eye, what approach would you  have taken to promote the products, while mitigating the adverse publicity  associated with them?
  • D) Do you  believe there is a need for government to place more restrictions on alcohol advertising? Why or why not? If so, what limits are needed and how  would any restrictions that you propose meet the Central Hudson guidelines?

Paper Requirements

12-font, Times-New Roman, One-inch margin, 1 to 2 page short paper with scholarly references, APA style. 



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