Ambulatory Assessment Forms of Telehealth Paper

Please complete a 5 page APA paper and be sure to follow these instructions:

  1. Review the 2 forms of telehealth discussed on pages 81-83 of your textbook (Ambulatory Assessment and Computer-Assisted Therapy).
  2. Discuss 2 main advantages and 2 main disadvantages for each of these forms of telehealth technological innovations. Be sure to cite the information you are gathering from your textbook, journal articles or other resources you’ve chosen in the References section of your paper.
  3. Identify 1 new idea you may have for a new telehealth technological innovation that can be used in the field of Clinical Psychology.

Your paper should contain the following 5 total pages: 1 title page, 1 abstract page, 1 references page, and 2 pages for the body/content of the paper (which should include the 3 points/instructions mentioned above). The entire paper should be written in APA style or formatting.

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