Amendment of Essay in Multinational Management.

 Please read the following critique points and make the required changes without changing the integrity of the initial essay. 

  1. You did an excellent job of using your sources and completing a strong analysis. I think you laid a great foundation and simply need to add/edit a couple of minor items but overall, this is on the right path for you to continue marching down.
  2. Strong introduction of the company. My suggestion is to end your introduction by stating what the goals/objectives are for this analysis. You go into various aspects of the company in future paragraphs but state your purpose right up front. What is the goal of this analysis.
  3. On the marketing strategy, try to provide more specifics if you can. How do they market? Is it online, direct sales, etc. Are they B2B or B2C or both? Try to get into more specifics and identify who the target audience is that they are attempting to reach (and why).
  4. Regarding cultural attributes, try to get into specific demographics and other data points.  This ties back to the target audience mentioned above. Who are they marketing to and why?
  5. I like how you described the 4 P’s as it relates to distribution. Just try to go further in your overview for each of those 4 P’s. In particular, focus on the one you find most important for Danone. Typically, one of the 4 is clearly the most important for a particular company/situation.
  6. I would go deeper into the international barriers. That is one of the key aspects of this and thus needs to really have a deeper dive. What are the primary issues? Why are they the primary issues and how can they be resolved?
  7. Overall, this is really good. As I mentioned above, simply try to tighten all of the various section by providing more precise detail, with particular attention paid to the items I specifically pointed out.  This looks really good so all of these points are just there to help you make it even better.  Well done! 

Amendment of Essay in Multinational Management

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