Analysis assignment on teams-week 3


Analysis Assignment on Teams

Write a paper, 1-2 pages and single-spaced, that addresses the following questions as it pertains to your personal and organizational situations, tying in specific course readings/videos(please see attached files/links). When doing so, please italicize specific concepts or terms used and cite the reading or website link (2 or more cites). Given that I am familiar with all references from this course you can simply put the title of the reading or website in parentheses to cite. 

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1. What is the role of trust in your workplace? Give examples that not only address the existence, but also the absence of trust. Furthermore, let’s say you do not trust a colleague, how would that affect your actions? Lastly, in your opinion, what are trust generating actions in your organization?  

2. Give an example of an unsuccessful team you have been on. What were its dysfunctions? What could have been done to improve the team experience?

3. Give an example of a successful team you have been on. Describe how the team worked together. Why was the team so successful? 

4. What advice do you have for building great teams? Please touch on how to get all team members to communicate equally and openly and on building trust. 

5. Describe characteristics of good meetings you have had and not so good meetings. How could you improve those not so good meetings? 

Reading Links:(Along with below links please see attached files for readings)

Video Links:

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