Analyzing Management and Organizational Challenges Essay

1. Write a 4-5 pages essay (1000-1250 words) on three major trends that will affect the practice of management for your unique field of study (Project Management) from the present through 2040. Draw from at least three theories that relate to your field of study in your discussion of the concepts that managers should consider essential for these organizational trends.

2.Identify these organizational trends that challenge management and extend the discussion to include managing people, processes, projects, and programs.

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3.Describe the process that you used to arrive at the trends and how you might verify the accuracy in selecting these trends. Include your critical thinking process as you explain the relationship between theory, the trends, and how it relates to your field of study.

4.Explain any changes in the way that you think or view the discipline of management as a direct result of your research and readings. Include at least three potential recommendations that support how your field of study should address each and support the trends regarding management theory.

Please see rubric attached

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