Annotated Bibliography 2500 words! (Detailed instructions provided)

list of references**

  • Compile an annotated bibliography of the six research study articles (three qualitative and three quantitative) and the three supplemental sources you identified throughout this course. In the annotated bibliography,  (TOTAL of 9 sources)
  • Create an annotated bibliography for the three qualitative research articles, the three quantitative research articles and the three institutional, organizational and government agency sources you identified in previous weeks, summarizing each article or the information your found in the supplemental sources
  • Explain the relevance or usefulness of each source, examine how the sources relate or link to one another, and explain how information is supported and contradicted across the sources.
  • Evaluate the evidence of quality of each source, discussing any evidence of inconsistency or bias within each source and across sources.
  • Synthesize critical findings from the nine sources in a Synthesis Matrix.

The Annotated Bibliography paper

  • Must be at least 2,500 words in length, with each source annotation being at least 250 words in length,
  • Include a title and reference page for your paper. No abstract is necessary for this assignment.
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