Applied Business And Statistics

Applied Business And Statistics.

Refer to the Lincolnville School District bus data, which report information on the school district’s bus fleet.

a. Which of the variables are qualitative and which are quantitative?

b. Determine the level of measurement for each variable.

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53. Refer to the Lincolnville School District bus data. Select the variable referring to the number of miles traveled since the last maintenance, and then organize these data into a frequency distribution.

 a. What is a typical amount of miles traveled? What is the range?

 b. Comment on the shape of the distribution. Are there any outliers in terms of miles driven?

c. Draw a cumulative relative frequency distribution. Forty percent of the buses were driven fewer than how many miles? How many buses were driven less than 10,500 miles?

 d. Refer to the variables regarding the bus manufacturer and the bus capacity. Draw a pie chart of each variable and write a description of your results.

Applied Business And Statistics

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