Applied Project

Applied Project.

Throughout the past five weeks of this course, you have compiled information for a policy plan. This week, you assemble the assignments from Weeks 3 through 5 and develop a policy plan proposal that may be presented to the key stakeholders affected by your policy plan proposal.

Compile the components of the Applied Project in a 4,550- to 4,950-word paper. Include your Weeks 3 through 5 assignments as well as:

A Cover sheet

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A executive summary

An introduction

A problem statement from Week 3 Individual Assignment ( In Paper Below)

A listing of alternatives from your Week 4 Individual Assignment (In Paper Below)

Recommendations from your Week 5 Individual Assignment( In Paper Below)

Develop a communication plan that will be used to convey your public policy project to key stakeholders. Ensure you:

Identify your public policy project’s objectives.

Address the project’s various audiences.

Convey the message to your audience in a persuasive manner.

Outline a short- and long-term plan to implement your public policy project.

Introduce your audience to an appropriate budget strategy and the reasons behind the budget.

Persuade decision-making executives that your public policy project will succeed.

Applied Project

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