Applying Freire’s Banking Education as a Lens

Applying Freire’s Banking Education as a Lens. for this essay, you will explore an issue of your choosing in education, and use Freire’s concept of banking education to help you analyze it more closely and concisely. You issue can relate to your own experience or a another issue in education that you see as problematic. Remember, you do not have to agree with Freire-you only have to use his ideas in order to help you explore the issue you want to discuss.

A successful essay will: 1. introduce your education issue and banking education(in any order). Remember that although it will be tempting, your intro should NOT include a “thesis statement”

2. make extensive use of the concept of banking education as a means of analysis.

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3. use paraphrases of specific ideas from Freire (in the context of this essay, short quotes would be acceptable as Freire is considered the “father” of this concept)

If you try to use the concept banking education without discussing specific aspect, you will have problems extending your paper and doing you analysis.

Use terms form our class handout.

4.In addition to Freire, use at least four popular sources(but you may need more!)

you popular sources can help you to explain your issue by introducing statistics, specific examples, historical context, and expert perspectives on your topic.

5.End by drawing conclusions and explaining what you think needs to change, how we should see this issue differently and why, what the future will look like if we do change our thinking and what it might look like if we do not.

Minimum requirements :

1. 4 full pages long

2. use four sources

3. use either APA or MLA formatting and citation(or another approved citation style )

4. include a reference or work cited page

Applying Freire’s Banking Education as a Lens

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