Applying Project and Risk Management Strategies to Business

Applying Project and Risk Management Strategies to Business.

Assignment Content

  1. For this assignment, imagine that you are preparing to interview for a job with a consulting firm that specializes in IS project management.

    You have been asked to author a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list to bring to the interview. The purpose of the FAQ is to demonstrate to the hiring manager that you:
    Understand key project management concepts and strategies, including the role project management plays in risk management

    • Can communicate succinctly and professionally (a skill that’s crucial for all members of an effective project management team)
    • To complete this assignment:
      Write a 3-page FAQ document that includes 10 to 12 questions that you believe are the most critical for project teams to understand regarding best practices for project management success. Include citations to support your answers to each of the questions you pose, and ensure that at least 2 questions relate to the role of effective project management at mitigating organizational risk.

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      Answer those 10 to 12 questions succinctly and accurately. Expect each question/answer pair to be on average ¼ of a page.

Applying Project and Risk Management Strategies to Business

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