ARCJ Unit 4 Discussion Board


Creates a policy proposal based on current research on a contemporary criminal justice issue.

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Key assignment example below:

Sexual Harassment

  1. What is sexual Harassment?
  • Give a definition.
  • Explain the different ways that sexual harassment may happen.
  1. What policies are set in place regarding sexual harassment?
  • Does the company have a policy?
  • What is included in the policy?
  • Is the policy in compliance with the Supreme Court decision?
  • Is this policy up to date?
  1. Do the polices follow the supreme court compliance guidelines?
  • When were the guidelines last updated by the company?
  • When were the guidelines last updated by the Supreme Court?
  1. Who does a person report sexual harassment to?
  • Is there a chain of command?
  • Is there a certain department for complaints?
  • What if it is your supervisor?
  1. Can sexual harassment happen to anyone?
  • Have the employees been trained to see all forms of harassment?
  • What are the differences between male and female sexual harassment?
  1. What are the different things that can be seen as sexual harassment?
  • Do your employees know that sexual harassment does not only involve sex?
  1. What form of training is in place for employees to understand sexual harassment? Are there pamplets? Are there videos? Is there on hands training?

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