ARTH478 UMUC The Influence of Käthe Kollwitz on Chinese Creation

Please be sure to read the content for the week LISTED BELOW before answering the following discussion prompt:

The topics in this weeks content focused on the development of modernism and the developing influence of global cultures on artistic design and expression. The task for this discussion is to choose one artist and discuss how the influences of the past either artistically, culturally, or personally influenced their work. Do this providing one or more examples of the artist’s work.

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  • Consider gender, race, early influences.
  • Include at least one image.
  • Cite and Reference using MLA style.
  • Questions may be asked by the Professor and your fellow students for you to answer. Responses are required, as usual.

This site holds a large collection of Kathe Kollwitz’s drawings, prints, sculptures, and photographs. The emphasis is on expression–how the artist conveys emotion in her work.

Kathe Kollwitz’s drawings, prints, sculptures, and photographs

German Expressionism refers to a number of related creative movements beginning before WWI and peaking in Berlin during the 1920s. Includes explanations of the era, subsets of movements (such as Fauvism), images, and differences between the visual approaches of male and female artists.

German Expressionism

This site covers collage of the modern period. Women artists featured are Hannah Höch, Deborah Withey, and Amber Zavada.

American Modernism

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