Article review

Article review.


Locate an article that  discusses the topic of    business ethics. Topic ideas might include the role of  ethics in the   workplace,  breach of ethics, the effect of internal and external  forces on   ethical  compliance, global ethical considerations within a business or  ethics   and  employees.

Note these are ideas; please expand within the parameters  of ethical topics    as they relate to business ethics.

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Respond to the following questions:

  1.   Summarize the article and align it with the   author’s main point.
  2.  How does this article contribute to contemporary   thinking about          business ethics?
  3.  How can you apply information in this article to   your field?
  4.  How did this article fit your ethical   view?

Your response should be a minimum of 2 double-spaced pages  not including the   title and reference pages.

Referenced  sources must have accompanying citations complying with APA    guidelines.  References  should include at minimum 1) one of the required    reading articles and 2) an  additional scholarly reviewed article.

Article review

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