Article Writing

Article Writing.

1. What are the core competencies and capacities that public managers and policy analysts will need to lead the next generation of policyinformatics integration? — 400 words with 3 references.

2. In what role will technology, such as big data, social media, and e-business, change public managers integration of performance and informatics? — 400 words with 3 references.

3. Topic  Combining Disciplines in E-government Policy-Making  and address below questions — all combine 300 words with 3 references,
    a.Provide a very brief overview of what you think are the key points (a literature review).
    b.What about the policy area interests you?
   c.What about the information systems involved in the article interested you?
   d.How might this article’s research approach help you in your dissertation research project? 

Article Writing

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