Assignment 2 – b2b marketing

1. Complete the assignment posted.  Answer in at least 250 words.

1.1.  FedEx believes that its future growth will come from business-to-business e-commerce transactions where customers demand quick and reliable delivery service. Outline a segmentation plan that the firm might use to become the market leader in this rapidly expanding area.

1.2. Sara Lee Corporation derives more than $1.5 billion of sales each year from the institutional market (for example, hospitals, schools, and restaurants). Explain how a firm such as Sara Lee or General Mills might apply the concept of market segmentation to the institutional market.

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1.3.  Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) handles payroll and tax-filing processing for more than 300,000 customers. In other words, firms outsource these functions to ADP. Suggest possible segmentation bases that ADP might employ in this ser- vice market. What criteria would be important to organizational buyers in mak- ing the decision to turn payroll processing over to an outside firm?

2 – Select a firm you will analyze in this class in various exercises. It should be a B2B company you are knowledgable of in an industry that interests you. (the firm I would like to analyze is DELL, which has B2B business too)

2.1 Assess the business model of the company you chose (DELL).  Develop a list of the particular skills, resources, and strategies that are especially important to the selected firm’s strategic position. Give particular attention to those skills, resources, or characteristics that competitors would have the most difficulty in matching.

2.2.  Describe why a B2B firm, such as your company, (DELL)  that plans to enter a new market segment may have to realign its internal business processes to succeed in this segment.

Answer in at least 250 words.

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