Assignment 6 Memo. Instructions 

Students are to utilize the same local or state government from Short Paper #1 to analyze that government’s revenues and expenditures.

Students should prepare a 5-page policy memo addressed to the head of that government (i.e., mayor, commission chair, or governor) that describes the following about the local or state:

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  • Types of Funds
  • Overview of General Fund Budget Over 3 Years (Actual, Budget, Proposed)
  • Response to the following questions:
  • What are the major revenue sources and major expenditures?
  • Is the budget balanced? Why or Why not?

Fully explain if and how the expenditures align with the fiscal goals and objectives?

See this visual example of a business memo.  When you are discussing the above areas, you must provide context for each category to ensure understanding about the issue (using historical information, data, current status, options for moving forward and explaining the challenges and opportunities/benefits for each option).  Just because you are writing the memo to the executive, does not mean the executive is fully aware of all the details as you are.  So … fully explain.

When you choose your level of government, you can go to that government’s website and seek information regarding the structure, budget, goals, strategic plan, and other information that will benefit this assignment.  For example, if a student chooses Lee County, GA.  You can go to Lee County’s government website and see some of this information.  The information may not be on one or two webpages, so you should be diligent and seek this information out.

Ensure to use in-text citations and have a reference page.

There is no need for a title page or abstract.  Review the APA Style Guide if necessary.

Assignment 6 Memo

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