Assignment: acceleration physiology article review

 You will complete several assignments by critiquing an article or  multimedia. To ensure a solid critique is submitted, follow these  guidelines:

  • Your review should be be two pages in length, double spaced, and  include proper current APA citations and references (with the references  listed on a second page).
  • Document is grammatically sound, and free from spelling errors.
  • A good critique involves an organized paper that demonstrates a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • The first paragraph summarizes the research and the conclusions.
  • One or two paragraphs that analyze and evaluate the conclusions  based upon what you have learned about ergonomics in this module and  about human factors in the preceding modules. The summary is on topic  and provides a well-written compilation of important points form the  article, and are presented coherently with supporting details.
  • A final paragraph or two that draw conclusions regarding the  relative validity of the research in regard to its ability to contribute  a positive impact on human performance and to reduce human error based  on a creative application of that analysis and evaluation. The writing  indicates effectiveness in reflective thinking and the description of  how information relates to other ideas, courses, educational and  professional experiences.

 In this activity you will read, review, and summarize the key findings  of the journal article linked below. After you read the article, provide  a one page summary of the key findings that are related to acceleration  physiology. Also include how ALOC differs from GLOC. Please provide sound evidence for your summary by supporting it with information from the National Transportation Safety Board Aviation Accident Final Report and your new found knowledge of spatial disorientation.


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