Assignment your term project is to


Chapter: 1-13

Assignment: Your term project is to create a complete web site. The topic of the web site is of your choosing

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Requirements: Must be fully HTML5, CSS3, and accessibility compliant (hint: use the validators)
Must contain between 6-10 pages with at least 2 levels of folders
Must use a consistent 2 column page layout with sections for navigation, body, heading, and footer (created via an external CSS file)
Must have at least 4 graphics, with at least 2 of them being hyperlinks
Must have a vertical navigation bar with links/graphics that change appearance with hover, click, etc
Must contain at least 1 of each of the following:
block quote
unordered list
ordered list
character entity
Must use colors for text, background, or both using both in-line and internal/embedded CSS
Must include a background image for at least a portion of the page layout (typically the heading)
Must configure CSS to have a different appearance for printing (using media types)
Must have at least 1 table with at least 1 numeric column that is right justified
Must have at least 1 embedded video that works with a typical Windows PC with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Media Player. Do not link to another site (such as YouTube), you must include the actual video file itself in your web site submission. Please pick a small video… as this will make uploading your zip file much faster
Must have a form for users to submit name, email, and comments. Use input validation where practical and use the form hosting service from chapter 9
Note: I recommend that you make a checklist of all of these required parts of the assignment, so that you don’t miss one

Expectations: A single zip file with your entire web site

Instructions: Submit your file using the naming convention in the syllabus, for example: “CIS3315 TermProject”

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