Assume the Position Video

The video “Assume the Position” by Wuhl is a production that debunks myths, legends, and half-truth about history, giving a topical spin. In critiquing the information that news programs, textbooks, and the common public don’t time and again dispute, he assures to provide a hilariously alternative perception and adds significance with allusions to pop culture its part in the inscription of history these days. Pop culture happens to be in history. Apart from that, it will turn out to be history, and a lot of individuals are going to recognize that history is that legend that becomes fact.

While viewing Robert Wuhl’s discourse on Assume the Position, numerous learners in the movie supposed it was Paul Revere who galloped daytime and night-time to caution across five diverse nations. But they did not recognize they were providing Paul more acknowledgment than he required, as the fact was to some extent fabricated.  For the period of the 1860s, an author known as Henry Longfellow saw America being damaged by the Civil Combat and transcribed a story to encourage the state. Longfellow recognized Israel Bissell’s fatiguing voyage to Philadelphia from Boston but didn’t consider Bissell’s name had many rhymes to complement or was catchy enough. As an alternative, he used Revere’s name, causing a renowned poem throughout history. Furthermore, Revere merely galloped 20 miles to Cambridge from Boston and failed to make it to arrive at Concord since he was incarcerated in Lexington by British troops.

In both, Wuhl provided his personal view on the story behind Paul Revere’s night ride, the propaganda which Christopher Columbus learned that the globe was round, and what he certainly contemplates concerning the first line in the Constitution. Assume the Position” discovers why and how specific parts of information turned out to be common wisdom. Wuhl divides notions we contemplate as different to disclose that they have existed around ever. Among the observed subjects in a diverse light are America’s first transvestite governor, the racehorse Man O’ War, the Hundred Years War, and Alfred Nobel.

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Malebranche II, M. R. (2016). The galloping Hessian of the hollow: The search for early American identity through foreign mercenaries (Doctoral dissertation, California State University, Fullerton).

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