Music has become part of people’s lives whether young or elderly as it is the most common and useful entertainment technic. The industry keeps on growing and have emerged one of the best paying fields worldwide when it comes to using talent in career basis. In understanding the music fundamentals taught during class, it is important to attend an external concert where one can relate the theory part learned in class with real-life scenarios. Therefore, this comes the urge of visiting Space Yacht which is a nightclub in Los Angeles where Habstrakt, Autoerotique, Dombresky, Londonbridge and Adam Auburn were the major artists in the concert. The event attendance was vital in determining the voice types, instrumentation, the appeal and overall quality of performance as well as the performers and stage appearance.

It is right that people have different perceptive regarding artisan where some take music as a way of expressing feelings and some relevant information while others consider it as an opportunity like any other, which plays a vital role in establishing a capital for enhancing their living standards. The overall consistency in producing a song determines its quality and performance appeal. This is in consideration of the instrumentation and voice type used by the particular artisan as well as the stage appearance and performance. The tone, pitch, amplitude, instrumentation, and texture among many other music essential elements are crucial in enhancing the musician’s perfection in the field. It is evident that the unique, quality and informative music expressing the right emotions with proper instrumentation will pick the highest number of followers. It is because people like changes and adopting new things different the old monotonous ones as advancement is a growth process.

The Spaces yacht nightclub became my choice when it came to selecting the practical place to have an out of class experience. It is because that I believed that the artists invited in the event as per the ticket hint would make it the best with regards to their current artisan work and the popularity they have gained in the present days. It was astonishing that the place was a field to the maximum capacity where an immense multitude of the artists’ fans could not imagine missing such a major occasion. This is a good experience that the quality of the artwork, as well as the musician’s performance as well as appearance dramatically, determine the success in the music field. At the end what matters is whether the art is well paying or not. Therefore, it is essential as an artist to emphasize on all the required features to enhance perfection as the fans are the boss here, and they will be the determinant of the income that one gains.

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The musical artists’ crew presenting at the Space Yacht club made the entire squad for a nightclub event. During the event, the musicians portrayed their musical skill’s appropriately starting with their physical appearance to instrumentation as well as the type of music genres they performed. The fact is that different people have different tastes when it comes to music where some love hip-hop genre and others rock music among many other categories. Habstrakt, Autoerotique, Dombresky, Londonbridge and Adam Auburn made sure that all wide varieties of music genres were put in consideration at different levels in a planned sequence. The dynamic accent was significantly applied particularly at the attack where one note could be heard louder than the other surrounding notes. The musicians expertly use tonic and subtonic scale notes during the performance-enhancing classical tonal cadence.

The music presentation at the Space Yacht nightclub was a memorable one where the musical artisans adequately applied music element in consideration of their audience. The outfit and performance during the night were according to audience expectations. Basing their artwork on the theory part of class work, they appropriately made use of the music fundamentals and correctly employed the stage appeals during the performance. In preparing students for the real world and career life as musicians it critical to have such experiences as they will gain the required skills above the knowledge they have learned through the class work.

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