Been asked by one of the key executives in the finance function to

QUESTION 1: IT Bench marking. What are some of the typical challenges of benchmarking IT costs?


QUESTION 2: IT Product Evaluation You’ve just been asked by one of the key executives in the Finance function to recommend a commercial-off-the-shelf software package or cloud-based software (SaaS) for the financial close process by two days from now so funding can be planned in next year’s budget, which is due three days from now. Currently the close process is done without benefit of any IT capability except spreadsheets. The executive wants the new software to shorten the financial close cycle and enable the company to meet financial regulations. How will you respond to your client’s request? What’s the problem with implementing an IT technology product / service without a thorough evaluation process?”

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QUESTION 3: Performance Measures The CIO wants to develop an organizational performance scorecard for the IT organization. You’ve been asked by the CIO to provide at least one key performance measure related to the IT function you manage (use the same IT function you chose for your course project) for each of the following categories: financial performance, process performance, people performance, and customer perspective. Identify the IT function and explain what measures you’ll provide and why you chose these measures.

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