Behaviorism And Andragogy Learning Theories And Models

Andragogy in Theory

This chapter discusses how andragogy only focuses solely on the individual and is not an all-encompassing theory of learning. The chapter argues that one of its strengths as a learning theory is that it can be combined with or compliment other learning theories.

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  • Select one of the learning theories located here: and post the link to the discussion board.
  • If you are familiar with a learning theory that is not on this list, you may use it as well. Post a link to an article or another resource about the learning theory.
  • Briefly summarize your learning theory.
  • List three ways it can work with andragogy.
  • Respond to at least one of your classmates. Give a brief description of how these two theories would work together in a real-world situation, such as when designing a training course or teaching an adult education class.
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