Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights.

You will conduct a search on one of the following amendments from the Bill of Rights: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 

A list of items will appear. Look through the list until you find the amendment you have selected and click on it. You should find the language for the amendment above the Notes. You may want to scroll down and read some of the Case Notes 

Based on the readings from your textbook and the lecture for this week, you will discuss one constitutional principle related to criminal law that is based on the amendment you selected · In your initial response, include the language from the constitutional amendment that you are relying on and explain how the amendment provision applies to criminal law based on the facts of the below case 

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Case Facts: 

Defendant, a U.S. citizen, has always been involved in picketing and protesting. Defendant was involved in a mass protest in front of the White House related to gun control. At one point, the defendant tossed a grenade over the White House fence. The grenade exploded, and ten people involved in the protest were killed and several others were maimed. The security guards at the White House fired their weapons and wounded the defendant, but not before the defendant shot back with a concealed weapon. Defendant was arrested as a terrorist and was placed in a hospital. Defendant was immediately questioned without an attorney being present. Swabs were taken of the defendant’s hands and the defendant’s weapon was taken as evidence. Defendant was provided with an appointed attorney, who was fresh out of law school and was a novice. Defendant wanted a jury trial and wanted to testify at his trial, but the defendant’s attorney refused to allow the defendant to testify and asked that the judge, as opposed to a jury, decide the verdict in the case. Defendant was found guilty of numerous crimes including illegal protesting, carrying a concealed weapon, starting a riot, terrorist activities, 10 counts of murder, and several counts of attempted murder. Defendant has been sentenced to death by firing squad.

Bill of Rights

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