Biol 1330 – a puff of air in the eye naturally causes an eye blink



Question 11 pts

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A puff of air in the eye naturally causes an eye blink response. The puff of air is the _____ and the eye blink is the _____

conditioned response; unconditioned stimulus.

unconditioned stimulus; conditioned response.

unconditioned response; conditioned response.

unconditioned stimulus; unconditioned response.

Question 21 pts

In the case of the dogs Pavlov observed, the _____ was the unconditioned response and the _____ was the conditioned response.

food; bell

food; salivation

salivation; salivation

bell; salivation

Question 31 pts

After a conditioned response has been extinguished and a period of time has passed, _____ may occur in response to the original conditioned stimulus; however, it will be in _____ form.

higher-order conditioning; stronger

generalization; weaker

spontaneous recovery; weaker

generalization; stronger

Question 41 pts

In the “Little Albert” study, the fear-producing stimulus used as an unconditioned stimulus was the _____.

white rat

loud noise

fear of the rat

fear of the noise

Question 51 pts

Rescorla’s modern concept of classical conditioning is based on the idea that _____

the CS substitutes for the US.

there is a biological readiness for conditioning to occur between the CS and US.

the CS has to provide information about the coming of the US.

reinforcement must occur by providing a pleasant event.

Question 61 pts

Bui wants to condition his lab rat to fear drinking orange-flavored water. He pairs a mild shock with the drinking of flavored water. He wants the rat to associate the unconditioned stimulus, the shock, with drinking the water. How could he be most successful?

Raise the shock to as strong as he can.

Choose a different neutral/conditioned stimulus.

Use a mouse instead of a rat.

Color the water a disgusting color, too.

Question 71 pts

The notion that behaviors with desirable outcomes will likely be repeated is part of _____

classical conditioning.


the law of effect.

insight learning.

Question 81 pts

Billy taught two rats how to play basketball for his experimental psychology class. What process did he likely use?

operant conditioning




Question 91 pts

Negative reinforcement will _____ a behavior.




not change

Question 101 pts

When the number of responses is important to the schedule of reinforcement, that schedule is called a(n) _____ schedule.





Question 111 pts

A framework for studying memory that uses the computer as a model of human cognitive processes defines the _____

levels-of-processing theory.

information-processing theory.

sociocultural theory of memory.

social-cognitive theory.

Question 121 pts

_____ holds information brought in through our senses but only for a very brief amount of time.

Long-term memory

Sensory memory

Short-term memory

Working memory

Question 131 pts

Short-term memory usually codes information according to _____

visual image.


tactile properties.


Question 141 pts

The event that occurs when short-term memory is filled to capacity, and each new, incoming item pushes out an existing item, which is then forgotten, is called _____



retrograde amnesia.


Question 151 pts

There is no known limit to our _____


working memory.

long-term memory.

short-term memory.

Question 161 pts

Yvette just took a history exam that consisted of three essay questions. By giving essay questions, Yvette’s professor measured her _____



relearning ability.


Question 171 pts

Adam studies his psychology material using note cards. He writes questions on the front of the card and the answers on the back of the card. After he has a stack of note cards completed, he studies them one by one, over and over again. Based on memory research, which of the following statements should NOT be made to Adam to help him maximize his studying?

“Adam, your memory for the last few cards will be better than for the middle group of cards.

“Hey, Adam, don’t be surprised that you have a better memory for the first few cards.

“Adam, this is not such a great study technique. You’ll be better off just reading over your notes.

“Adam, make sure to shuffle your cards after a while.

Question 181 pts

In memory, _____ is an account of an event that has been pieced together from a few highlights.

the serial position effect

a flashbulb memory

the context effect


Question 191 pts

Nicole feels she will not forget the emotions she felt upon hearing of the attacks on America on September 11th. She remembers very vividly what she was doing, who she was with, what was said, and what emotions she experienced. Nicole has a _____ for that tragic event.

hippocampal memory

flashbulb memory

repressed memory

reconstructed memory

Question 201 pts

Maggie memorized the speech she wrote for her business presentation. Because she was confident that she knew it, she went to bed knowing she would remember the speech just as well the next day when she was scheduled to give it. Based on memory research, what advice would you give Maggie?

Go over the speech again tomorrow anyway.

Stay up tonight so you don’t forget it in your sleep.

You will probably remember every word for a week.

Drink a pot of coffee now, and have a cup before class.

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