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here is the blog

I am totally aware that many people may feel this is the least of our worries, but It is my opinion, and maybe some will agree.  I feel that If I could un-invent one thing so that is would no longer exist, I would choose to demolish the invention of cigarettes.  Cigarettes are not only deadly to those that use them, but those that are unwillingly breathing in the secondhand smoke.  They are not only damaging our bodies, and I say “our,” because I’m one of those that is receiving the secondhand smoke, but also draining wallets of cash.  


There is really no good that comes from smoking cigarettes.  They aren’t beneficial to your health, considering the plethora of addictive ingredients that come with them.  “Secondhand smoke alone contains over 7,000 harmful chemicals, with at least 250 that are for sure known to damage your health (smokefree.gov).”  “Statistics show that there are about 393,000 U.S. deaths that are attributable to cigarette smoking (lung.org).”  “ Each year, over 53,000 people will die from secondhand smoke as well (smokefree.org).”  


There have been many people in my life that have died from smoking-related diseases.  For instance, I lost my grandfather on my golden thirteenth birthday from lung cancer, caused from 50 years of smoking.  That was one of the most devastating things to happen in my life.  Not to mention the money that people waste on the death sticks.  If I could get my family alone to pay me the amount of money they waste on cigarettes, I could potentially be a billionaire.  This is why I would love nothing more then to un-invent cigarettes.

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