Book sociology in our times the essentia

Chapter 1 questions

1. What does C. Wright Mills mean when he says that the sociological imagination helps us “ to grasp history and biography and the relations be-tween the two within society”?

 2. As a sociologist, how would you remain objective yet still see the world as others see it? Would you make subjective decisions when trying to under-stand the perspectives of others?

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3. Early social thinkers were concerned about stability in times of rapid change. In our more global world, is stability still a primary goal? Or is constant conflict important for the well- being of all humans? Use the conflict and functionalist perspectives to bolster your analysis.


Chapter 2 questions

1. Would it be possible today to live in a totally separate culture in the United States? Could you avoid all influences from the mainstream popular culture or from the values and norms of other cultures? How would you be able to avoid any change in your culture?

2. Do fads and fashions reflect and reinforce or challenge and change the values and norms of a society? Consider a wide variety of fads and fashions: musical styles; computer and video games and other technologies; literature; and political, social, and religious ideas.

3. You are doing a survey analysis of recent immigrants to the United States to determine the effects of popular culture on their views and behavior. What are some of the questions you would use in your survey?


Chapter 3 questions

1. Consider the concept of the looking- glass self. How do you think others perceive you? Do you think most people perceive you correctly?

2. What are your “ I” traits? What are your “ me” traits? Which ones are stronger?

3. What are some diff erent ways that you might study the effect of toys on the socialization of children? How could you isolate the toy variable from other variables that influence children’s socialization?

4. Is the attempted rehabilitation of criminal off enders  through boot camp programs, for example  a form of socialization or resocialization?

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