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I need to create a brochure that informs people about Accounting through the use of written and visual texts. It need to be two sided , three paneled brochure.  Should have a minimun of three visual images that will help readers understand and interpret the information in the brochure. Cut or crop the images neatly so they provide only that information which is necessary for this purpose. Place them carefully in the brochure so that they are near the written text they support. use captions if necessary. Make sure the objects are sized appropriately for your brochure.

Single space written material in the brochure. Be sure to use at least two different type fonts- one for headings and for text beneath the heading. Use type fonts that reflect your assignment. Please paraphrase rather than directly quoting any source you might have. I need a referenc4e page that will be separate from the brochure. .


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Below is a representation of the two sides and six panels of a brochure:



1                                        2                           3                                       4                                  5                          6


            FIRST PAGE                                                                                          SECOND PAGE


#1 needs to make sense by itself because it acts as a kind of title page: When the entire brochure is open #1 also needs to work with #5 and #6.


#2 needs to work with #5 because people will see them together when they turn back#1. When the entire brochure is open#2 also needs to work with #3 and #4.

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