Buddhism Religion Discussion

please read class note and read my three assignments first


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The objective of term papers is to demonstrate that you 1) understand the lecture notes, reading assignments, additional research, and 2) can integrate that knowledge with your own critical thinking and personal insight based on your contemplation assignments.


1. Start by combining all your contemplation assignments into one file including the question you addressed in each class.

2. Read over what you wrote and see if you agree, disagree or want to elaborate on what you wrote originally. What has changed in your thinking? What do you want to know more about? The requirement here is that you expand on at least three of the contemplation assignments by including further research, critical thinking, and your own insight. Further research should start with the course textbook and you can add external sources. (External sources need to be fully referenced and accessible in English.) For at least three of the assignments you are expected to expand by approximately 500 words per assignment.

3. Write an Introduction to the term paper, explaining what you expanded on and why. Did you find that the assignments connected with each other, or did they appear to you more as “stand-alone” units? Did you find the contemplative interaction exercise in class enhanced your understanding of the course content and if so, in what ways? If not, what were the challenges of doing the exercise? The Introduction should be approximately 500 words.

3. Write a Conclusion to the term paper, summarizing what was most important to you in the course. Why was that important? What do you think you will remember in six months? Did the course change your outlook on religion in general? If so, how? Was the course valuable to you in other ways? Give examples? If not, what were the challenges for you in this course? The Conclusion should be approximately 500 words.

All together you are expected to add about 2500 words to the text of your weekly assignments.

Research Guidelines:

1. In general, use the library and ask the reference librarian for help. They can be especially helpful if you want to research journal articles or do advanced searches on Novanet or WorldCat, the interlibrary system.

2. Be careful to quote or footnote all your sources. Ask the librarian for help or a guide on how to cite sources for your reference list at the end of your term paper. (The APA style guideline is preferred but if you chose MLA or Chicago at least be consistent and do not mix styles.)

3. You may use Internet search engines in addition to books, but cite the sources that the information is actually coming from, not just the general Wikipedia web site or


4. You may use first person experience as a source of knowledge. Use the contemplation instructions in class to help you understand the implications and consequences of what your research has told you. Be sure to consider what assumptions you make.

5. If something is unresolved or leads to more questions, don’t dismiss that, include it in your paper.

General Requirements:

  • 2500 words in addition to your weekly assignments, not including the cover page and a reference list at the end of the paper.
  • computer-generated, with single line spacing, standard font-size (Times New Roman 12 pt. or Arial 10 pt.) and 1” margins.
  • Submit term papers as Microsoft Word documents through Brightspace.
  • For further information on research and APA see:


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