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Building Relationships

This assignment will allow you to compare and contrast two different ways of building relationships with students. You will also think about your own personal style and discuss how you will build relationships with your students.

Read Vignette 1 and 2. Answer the following questions:

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1. List and explain three ways Ms. Owens is building relationships with her students

2. List and explain three ways Mr. Chandra is building relationships with his students.

3. In your opinion, which teacher is building relationships more effectively? Explain why.

4. Which teacher can you relate more closely to? List three ideas of how you will build relationships with your students. 


Textbook (Chapter 2) pg 13-14

Grading Criteria

Each question should be answered completely in at least 1 to 2 paragraphs. A paragraph is 5-7 sentences. ( 80 points) (20 points for each question)

Spelling and Grammar – Spelling, Grammar and Sentence Structure- (20 points)

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