BUS 161 American Bar Association Web Site

Visit the American Bar Association Web Site http://www.americanbar.org/aba.html and report in a two page Word Document APA Style paper your key findings…specifically locate new information you learned about the law and any free legal advice you obtained. Submit your findings in BlackBoard….2-page content limit. 4-page total including title page and reference page. Go to the Public Resource section on the web site as a starting point. Due February 17 before 10:00 p.m. Please write your response in a narrative using APA Writing Style.

Answer the following questions:

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1. What is the ABA? (3 points)

2. What purpose does it serve? (5 points)

3. Why would you belong to the APA? (2 points)

4. What useful information did you find that may be helpful to you from a legal point of view? (5 points)

5. Other important information that you found useful? (5 points)

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