BUS 407027 Strayer computer based training discussion questions



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watch this video and for the first discussion writing produce 200 words about it

Class, the development cost of CBT is the most expensive part. On average, it takes 200 hours of developmental time for one hour of CBT instruction. What are your thoughts about the cost associated with CBT? Do you think that it’s worth the cost? If so, why?

In Addition a response must be given back to the other students Chanessa Cannady and Gina DiCrescenza.

Chanessa Cannady

Air Force slashes computer-based training requirements

This week we discussed computer based training and electronic learning (e-learning). Computer based training is using computers to engage the audience. Computer based training usually involves video and audio aids that are shown to viewers. Sometimes computer based training is interactive. The audience may be asked questions throughout the training or asked to do specific activities. One of the drawbacks of computer based training is that the audience can be unknown. I found an interesting article surrounding computer based training. The article discusses how and why the United States Air Force will stop using some of its computer based training. Officers will decide how to train instead of mandatory computer based training. This will allow the Air Force to focus on more important intiatives.

Air Force slashes computer-based training requirementsThe Air Force is eliminating mandatory computer-based training on all but three courses and giving commanders wide discretion in how they conduct most ancillary training, the service’s top leaders said in a new memo.


Gina DiCrescenza

Training Plan

Good afternoon class! I am learning so much already this week in regards to the instructional strategy of the training program which in other words is called the training plan which is were we are going to conduct the training and how long the training will be in this case, Taromina will be conducting this particular training in the conference room and it will be a one day session.

I’ve also learned about CBT’s (computer based training) which are on the computer and new employees can learn/train on their own. But Taromina is not ready for this method of training just yet but something to also look at in the future. We would also need the simulation CBT method when we are ready.

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