BUS 707 – Applied Business Research

BUS 707 – Applied Business Research.

The purpose of this assessment is designed to allow students to develop the expertise necessary to formulate practical and usable research questions to resolve business problems and add to business knowledge. This assessment relates to Learning Outcome a, c and d

This research plan will set a basis for Research Proposal in Assessment 4. Following consultation with the lecturer or tutor, you should identify problem which may answered by research (you will be guided towards a suitable research problem/question in tutorial during week 2 to week 5 (inclusive).

Given the importance of relevance to Accounting in BUS707, please note that the research topics must be accounting-based topics. Some of the initial suggestions for the topics are:

  • Analysis of significant project in the students’ work experiences, such as:
    • Accounting standards
    • Accounting regulation in Australia
    • Accounting and/or Auditing ethics
    • Use of financial rations in corporate accounting
    • Multidimensional performance assessment, for example, using the balanced scorecard to evaluate performance on financial and non-financial bases
  • The effect of accounting information and auditing on the design of organisation, and on the ensuing behaviour of individuals and groups.
  • Accountants and/or auditors’ responsibilities and contributions toward corporate governance
  • Application of accounting and economic research to a specific business problem i.e sustainability initiative
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Technology implementation in accounting and finance
  • Innovation in accounting and its impact to business
  • Impact of organisational culture on the procedure and technique of accounting
  • Research based on cases reported by the courts, ASIC, APRA, ASC


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  • Topics may also be identified from the suggestion for further research from articles published in relevant journal articles
    • The list of topics above are only initial suggestions and will be refined and expanded in discussion with tutors/research supervisors.

The research plan should be presented in the following structure (template is provided) :

  • Research Topic and Title
  • Background of the research
  • Research Questions and Research Objectives
  • Keywords used in literature review
  • Publication details of four main articles (Peer-reviewed journal articles from 2010 onward)
  • Ethical Consideration

BUS 707 – Applied Business Research

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