Busi 400 – group case analysis 2 – case analysis for coca-cola company

Group Case Analysis 2

Complete a case analysis of ABC Corporation (your instructor will assign the specific company for the case analysis at the beginning of this module/week), in the case section of the text (e.g. Case Number 1).

A formal, in-depth case analysis requires you to utilize the entire strategic-management process. Assume your group is a consulting team asked by ABC Corporation to analyze its external/internal environment and make strategic recommendations. You will be required to make exhibits to support your analysis and recommendations. The case analysis must encompass 10–12 pages plus the exhibits, cover page, and reference page. The cover page must include the company name, your group name, and the date of submission. The matrices must not be part of the analysis body but exhibits/attachments.

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The completed case must include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Existing mission, objectives, and strategies
  • A new mission statement
  • SWOT (TOWS) Analysis
  • Competitive Profile Matrix
  • EFE Matrix
  • IFE Matrix
  • A list of alternative strategies, giving advantages and disadvantages for each.
  • A recommendation of specific strategies and long term objectives.
  • A preparation of Forecasted Ratios
  • A preparation of Pro-Formal Financial Statements
  • An action timetable/agenda

Have your Group Leader place the results of the case analysis in a single document and post it to the Group Case Analysis 2 forum of your Group Discussion Board. Be sure that the assignment is in a business professional format; include current APA citing and referencing. Late assignments will not be accepted.


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