Business ecosystem value assessment

Business ecosystem value assessment.

Review the state-of-the-art materials on business ecosystem value assessment given under course materials for this session.  Visit your local home improvement provider to check the inclusiveness of Greensky strategy.   Then, answer the following in 150 words each, plus 75 words comment:

a) Business Strategy.  Analyze Greensky’s strategic approach to (1) differentiation, (2) cost leadership.  Does Greensky trade off either or both of these business strategies?    Why is Greensky successful in both types of strategies, while most firms are forced to choose one over the other?   

b) Blue Ocean Strategy.   Analyze Greensky’s strategic approach using the Four Actions framework of Blue Ocean Strategy.  How significant are the risks for Greensky’s blue ocean strategy becoming red ocean strategy, because of the entry of new competitors?     

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c) White Ocean Strategy.  Analyze Greensky’s strategic approach for going beyond the limitations of blue ocean strategy.   How significant are the limits to these growth opportunities for white ocean strategy? 

Include your citations in APA format.   In addition, critically comment on the analysis of a peer student in about 75 words.

FAQ: How to give critical comment?

1. POINT to some examples of good analysis you liked in the author’s post.

2. POINT to what you think is the central insight or theme of the author’s post?

3. What MORE do you think is needed? Where? (any additional resources you recommend)

4. What LESS is needed? (anything that detracts from following and seeing the core of the post)

Business ecosystem value assessment

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