business organization

business organization.

Each student is to choose a business organization to visit and thus prepare a case study analysis of that business.

Refer to the file on “Conducting a Case Study” and the Case Study Rubric.  It is imperative to follow the criteria listed in the Case Study Rubric, “Conducting a Case Study” Guidelines, and the 6th edition of the APA Manual.  This assignment should be 10-15 pages excluding the title and reference pages, and should contain at least one (1) graph, figure, chart, or table.  

Be sure to follow the Case Study Rubric and follow APA guidelines.

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Once again:

Be sure to read the syllabus, Case Study Guidelines, and Case Study Rubric for details on how to prepare the case studies.  Remember to include all requirements, including but not limited to, headings, page numbers in the upper right corner of the pages, running head, an abstract, a visual (chart, graph, table, and/or figure), SWOT analysis, conclusion, and recommendations.  You must include in-text citations and a reference page that complies with APA guidelines. 

These assignments are designed to assess your ability to think critically and to analyze a business.  Your work should be original, well-cited, and professional.

business organization

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