Business Plan Project

Business Plan Project.

You will need to use your assigned product or service and make a business out of it.  Below you will find the information I am requesting from you. 

Assigned Business: Bar/ Liquor Store (after market research determine the best choice for the assigned demographic area)

Location: Prince Georges County Maryland

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  • What are the required licenses/ permits needed to open your business? ( keep in mind the location)
  • Cost/ fees associated and process for obtaining licensing.
  1. Business Description
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Type of Business
  4. Name
  5. Location
  6. Product Description
  7. Position
  8. Pricing Strategy
  9. Market and Industry Analysis
  10. Customer Profile
  11. Market Segment
  12. Target Market and Demographics
  13. Competition
  14. Sales and Marketing
  15. Method of sales
  16. Advertising and Promotion
  17. Slogan
  18. Character/Spokesman
  19. Management
  20. Ownership

Business Plan Project

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