Business Strategy

Business Strategy. What are some of the unique strategic challenges that Christian universities face?

How has the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic crisis impacted your life?

Has it altered your perspective on day-to-day life?  Family/Friends?  Religion?  Business?
What will be the one thing you tell your grandchildren or future generations in 30+ years?

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1st Student response(Harsh Patel):


This schools will more likely, sooner or later end up in the circumstance of deciding to ensure their certainty, resist the urge to panic, or question it. Building your own schedule and sticking to it to can be though from specific other schools. Maybe the best test is remaining devoted on a school grounds that doesn’t acknowledge, yet normally endeavors to negate or wreck religion (Wells, C., 2018). Their students must realize that they are unprotected against supernatural ambushes. Arousing themselves and getting the chance to class on time. Generally instructors and various schools will clearly challenge their religion. It is easier for anyone to ambush who is feeling withdrawn and alone.

We are reported now watching greater number of joblessness considering lockdown measures to control this virus and have self-trained hard exercises, expressly that social trouble picks flourishing outcomes. We know since contacting things, being with others and breathing the air in an encased space can be dangerous. In less uncommon instances of debate, different families and couples have ended up exploring new issues, which conceivably irritated existing strains. This hard effect of the virus and the malady it causes has reverberated through each edge of the globe taking continues with, obliterating occupations and by changing how we band together with one another and the world (Haleem, A., Javaid, M. and Deshmukh, S., 2020).

Another test that families are going toward is the all-encompassing heap of care taking into account disconnect measures and self-teaching conditions. The solace of being within the sight of others may be supplanted by a more prominent solace with nonappearance, particularly with those we don’t know personally. As careful business, they ought to get this open door with two hands to help society with adjusting and return. In various spots, people are going up against the moral issue of picking between going to work to make compensation for least basics or staying at home to make sure about their prosperity and that of their family (Ahmad, A. and Murad, H., 2020). We get an open door at an ideal, green and efficient recovery that grants improvement to return, yet with people and systems at the point of convergence of our undertakings.


Wells, C. (2018). For Such A Time And Place As This: Christian Higher Education For The Common Good.

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Ahmad, A. and Murad, H. (2020). The Impact of Social Media on Panic During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Iraqi Kurdistan: Online Questionnaire Study.

425 words

2nd  student Response (Durga Rakesh) :


Christian Universities facing several pressures in these digital days predominantly from other private well-funded universities as these universities have been emphasizing more on research and development on cutting-edge technologies which would increase the prospects of attracting more students. Religious educational institutions are on brink (Andringa Test 2007), because of several challenges like location, less practical curriculum and funding. Coming to location, these colleges would be mostly located in villages or remote places which would not be attractive to students and companies. Companies would be generally in metro areas and students would prefer staying close to companies so that chances of securing job would be relatively more.

Coming to COVID-19 and its impacts on my personal and professional life, I would say my response is sort of mixed. Unfortunately, many people lost their jobs and facing challenges to survive which would say that most of us are not prepared for this kind of pandemic. Even some of the businesses were affected and some of them had to close their business. Many analysts say that impacts of COVID-19 are higher than combined effects of 2008 recession and 9/11 attacks. However, as pandemics are mothers of inventions, I hope there will be lot of transformation which would help us to be stronger and prepared for this kind of issues. There are a lot of opportunities of companies to transform digitally so that they could serve their customers better. I am missing personal visits to my family and friends as these days virtual meets are safer than meeting personally.

My suggestion to younger generation is to be bold, come out of their comfort zone and think about people who are still facing challenges in under-developed and developing nations mostly and try to help them with new ideas.


Andringa Test (2007). Keeping the faith: Challenges Unique to Religiously Affiliated

Colleges and Universities. Retrieved from

Business Strategy

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