Business Strategy

Business Strategy. This assignment is designed to familiarize you with the four corporate-level strategies- concentration, vertical integration, related diversification, and unrelated diversification. Please read Chapter 6 in the textbook, review the lecture notes, and do some preliminary research on these four corporate-level strategies and analyze a hospitality company’s corporate-level strategy.

Specifically, please answer the following five questions:

  1. Briefly describe the business-unit strategy of concentration;
  2. Briefly describe the business-unit strategy of vertical integration;
  3. Briefly describe the business-unit strategy of related diversification;
  4. Briefly describe the business-unit strategy of unrelated diversification; and
  5. Apply your understanding of the four corporate-level strategies to analyze a hospitality
    company that you worked at, are currently working/interning at, or are interested in working for after you graduate. What is its corporate-level strategy? What made you conclude that this company is employing this strategy at its corporate level?

Business Strategy

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