BUSN 620 Forum WK 6

BUSN 620 Forum WK 6.

BUSN 620 Forum WK 6

300 words

 So far we have dealt with strategic concepts and ideas. The notion of where the organization is going may open long debates on whether the proposed direction is “right” or “best.” Similarly, the SWOT analysis and the survey of the external environment looked at ideas that might prove useful.

The main issue for this week is developing and implementing a strategic plan. The plan itself does two things. First, it formalizes the direction in which we are going. Second, it adds all of the tactical or operational matters that are needed. So, a strategic plan is comprehensive. If we are going to Berlin, to use the Patton example, we need to spell out how many men, how many tanks, how much ammunition, etc. We also need to determine when we will reach certain milestones along the way. If we have to cross rivers, we need to identify the equipment we will need. When the full strategic and operational plan is put together, we are ready to roll it out.

Implementation means that the plan — the design, the summary of our best thinking — is now ready to become a fact. All of the key players need to know what the plan calls for. The organization needs to release the resources that are necessary to make the plan happen.

Can you share personal experiences on the significance of successful implementation of a strategic plan. 


Make sure you use adequate, credible and reliable APA source citations to support your work

BUSN 620 Forum WK 6

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