BUSN 635 Forum 5

BUSN 635 Forum 5.

BUSN 635 Forum 5

300 WORDS 

1. Should you exaggerate in the Market Analysis in order to make your investment more attractive?

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2. What’s wrong with the argument that “if I could get 1% of a huge market, then we would all be rich?”

3. What is the Market and Sales Plan section of a business plan and what’s its purpose?  Provide an example.

4. Do you really understand your customers buying patterns?  If so, explain in detail.  If not, ascertain how you might go about discovering this. Explain.

5. Relative to the rest of the plan, how much effort should you put into the market and sales plan?


Please elaborate and provide substantive support for your findings by citing credible sources (i.e. course text, articles, journals, etc.)

BUSN 635 Forum 5

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