Capstone Project Part V: Action Plans CHILD WELFARE

Capstone Project Part V: Action Plans CHILD WELFARE.

A theme throughout this course has been that human and social services professionals constantly apply theories and processes to address issues and challenges. As a social change agent, leader, and advocate, you should be able to apply relevant theories and processes to implement and support change on a local and global scale. As always, codes of ethics should provide guidance as you attempt to bring about change. As the final step in the development of your strategic plan, you will develop an action plan for each year of the strategic plan. For example, your plan might start off with strategic goals at the local level with plans to take these goals national or international in following years of the strategic plan.

To prepare:

  • Review the feedback from your Instructor regarding the components of your strategic plan in Weeks 3, 4, and 6–8.
  • You should make any changes based on the feedback you received. You will include these elements as a whole this week for your final strategic plan.
  • Finally this week, consider what actions you will take each year of the strategic plan.
  • Part V. Action Plans (2–3 pages): Develop action plans for each year of the strategic plan. Your strategic plan should cover 3–5 years.  

Capstone Project Part V: Action Plans CHILD WELFARE

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