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Holland Career Assessment Tool Instructions

You will complete the Holland Career Assessment tool, read supportive materials, and gain an understanding of the basic premise and components of the tool. You will obtain your own Holland type and identify work environments and careers that are compatible to your type, and analyze these results.

********Complete the following:

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1.  View the brief PowerPoint on the Holland Career Assessment Tool

2.  After viewing the Holland Tool PowerPoint, use the following link to complete the Holland Tool quiz, Rogue Community College.  Keep in mind:

  • There are no right or wrong answers, just reply honestly and use the first thought that comes to mind.
  • If the results of the Holland quiz do not ring true, then use the descriptions in the links below to choose the three Holland types that best reflect your interests, skills and personality, to determine your “best fit” type.
  • Use either the three letter code from your Holland Quiz results or your “best fit” type to complete the matching activity and guiding questions.

3.  Next, read the material that describes Holland personality types and work preferences from the 2 links below. Review characteristics and related occupations in descriptions for your three letters of your Holland type.

4. Then, briefly review the descriptions for those that differ from your type results. For example, if you are Social (S), Artistic (A), and Enterprising (E), look at Conventional (C) Investigative (I) or Realistic (R) occupations

Holland types: Descriptions and Related Occupations:

Before participating on the discussion board, please complete the following:


Next, locate occupations that match your specific type:

  1. Go to the link: Browsing Interests/Holland Codes/Career Matching, O*NET online.  Under ‘Interest’, click on the type that matches the first letter of you Holland code (i.e. Realistic, R, Social, S etc).  The first letter is considered your dominant type.  A listing of jobs/ careers will appear that match your dominant type.
  2. Choose Job Zone 4 from the drop down box the top of the listing. This will filter the list for jobs/careers that are commensurate with a 2- 4 year college degree (which is you!).   Look over the matching jobs and careers that are identified. Click on the jobs to review the descriptions.

    a. Note: You may also wish to review job zone 5 which identifies jobs that correspond to jobs/careers that generally require masters or PH d degrees.

  3. Then, try selecting the second and third letters of your code into the dropdown boxes at the top of the page that correspond to job zone 4. The list will likely change slightly. Review those job titles to compare if those options are a better match for you. 
  4. Choose three jobs/careers that interest you the most. They may be based upon one or two, or three letters of your Holland code. That is fine. If you still cannot locate three jobs, try reversing the letters in your Holland type and enter them. — For example, if you are SAE, (Social, Artistic, and Enterprising) try typing in EAS (Enterprising, Artistic, and Social). Because the first letter is considered the dominant trait, different occupations may be identified.
  5. Write down the three jobs/occupational areas that interest you the most.




Now complete the following:

  • Write your Holland type results, and the three occupations you identified via the Matching Assistant exercise.
  • Are you surprised by Your Holland type results? Does your type reflect your personality and interests? Can you picture yourself being satisfied and/or motivated to work in the occupations you identified as compatible with your type?
  • Why do you think it is helpful to conduct an inventory of your interests prior to pursuing a job or career change?
  • Why do you think it is also important to also understand what you don’t like to do? Think about the descriptions of the Holland types that were different from yours. Would you be satisfied and/or motivated to work in the jobs that are listed for those opposite types?

Based on the guiding questions above, write a response, of 1-2 paragraphs, that clearly answers the questions above. 

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