Cas 1 | Nursing homework help

Answer the 2 questions below and give a rationale why its the right answer.

A. The AG-ACNP is developing a QI project for decreasing falls in patients 65 years of age or older admitted to the Med-Surg floors of a large suburban hospital. When preparing the project, the AG-ACNP knows the highest quality of evidence will be obtained from:

  1. RCT
  2. Expert Opinion
  3. Cohort Study
  4. Case Series

B. A 55-year-old woman with advanced metastatic breast cancer. Her pain is managed on long-acting opioids and she is able to participate in very limited ADL’s. Her husband is her primary caregiver and would like to discuss the code status of his wife. With respect to ethical principles that guide nursing practice, what is the best response?

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  1. The attending physician would need to be consulted.
  2. The patient must be involved in the discussion.
  3. This topic should be discussed during the palliative care consult
  4. The patient can’t consent to DNR while on hydromorphone


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